Scholarly and Scientific Research

Academic Work

​Rachel Herz, Ph.D. has been conducting research on olfaction, emotion, cognition since 1990. She has published more than 95 original research papers, co-edited college textbooks, and received numerous grants and awards.

Dr. Herz joined the faculty at Brown University in 2000, and she has been a lecturer at Boston College since 2013. Among her major contributions are her studies showing how odor-evoked memory is emotionally unique compared to other memory experiences, how "aromatherapy" really works, and how emotional associations to odors can change perception and behavior.

Her work also deals with how language can affect odor perception and the role that body-odor and fragrance play in heterosexual attraction. Rachel Herz also conducts research on the connections between taste sensitivity and emotional disgust, and how emotions and sensory information are involved in our experience of food and eating behavior.

Curriculum Vitae

Rachel Herz