Do You Understand Why You Choose Certain Foods?

Are you eating nutritional meals? Do they taste good? Do they satisfy your hunger and sustain your health and well-being?

​If eating healthy was as easy as making rational decisions, we could expect to see more people following a healthy diet. The problem is that most of us don’t really know why we choose a particular meal over others or why we eat what we do.

The Psychology of Eating

In fact the psychology of eating is very complex and dependent on a huge range of factors from the sensory features of the food, to our mood and personality, to where we are, and whom we’re with. So even though many of us have a basic understanding of nutrition, few people understand their relationship with food and all the factors that go into the decisions they make when they eat… and why it is often so hard to make nutritious choices.

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Here are some Amazon 5-star reviews Amazon 5-star reviews from readers:

“This book has a lot of good insights into various nutrition research,” said Bama Fan. “It is a good summary of a lot of different topics and takes you through a wide, vast array of insights that are not known to many people….”

“Dr. Herz presents in a highly readable form a wealth of research on the reasons why we eat the way we do,” said John McCann. “Frequently, the results of the research are counter-intuitive, for example, the fact that foods portrayed as “diet” are less satisfying than the exact same foods that are not labeled “diet”….”

Making Better Choices

Herz’s book illuminates the connection between what we eat and our health as well as how to change our eating habits for the better. It presents fascinating ideas about how we should invest in our health instead of eating too many processed meals—packaged meals with too much saturated fat, sugar, and salt—while eating too few fruits and vegetables.

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